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We are the Millennial Marketing Agency serving clients who cater to Generation Y and adult Millennials.





We utilize innovative digital marketing strategies with content marketing and thought leadership campaigns as our keystone. 



Feeling brave? Our work is never complete. If you don’t tell us “no” to most of our ideas, we aren’t pushing hard enough.



Marketers shouldn’t bill like lawyers. Let them count the minutes while we count your new customers without charging you extra.

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Millennials buy from social companies they can trust. Saying “it’s not your brand” is a guise for avoiding the uncomfortable truth that you may becoming obsolete.

— Chris Piper —

Who is CPMarketing?

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A Few Companies We’ve Worked With:

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I find our greatest success in working with like-minded funded statups and hybrid organizations who are gearing up to brave a company launch, product announcement or crowdfunding campaign. While we can’t work with everyone, we choose between two and four new clients every year to collaborate with. Are you next?


Our services are designed to tap the $200 billion in annual spending power by the 80+ million people that make up the millennial generation.

new age design

We utilize proven designs optimized for lead generation and user acquisition to improve visitor engagement and site performance.

What we offer:
  • Competitor Research
  • Development Strategy
  • WordPress Design
  • Split Testing

Custom Content

Our writers will work with you to create custom, compelling content that will be your digital marketing keystone.

What we offer:
  • Ideation
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Consumer Blogs

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking leverages data and social metrics to gain exposure for your brand. “Growth first, budgets second.”

What we offer:
  • Search Optimization
  • Social Advertising
  • Media Relations
  • Reputation

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Understanding Y

understanding-yTo some, Generation Y are self obsessed, over sharing, detour taking entitled brats – hell bent on changing the rules for no other reason than because it suits them.

To others – Millennials represent hope, a new breed of activists; more empowered, highly connected and better positioned than any other generation that has gone before to create the positive change this world so desperately needs.

The truth?

Enlightenment to this question can only be fulfilled when one truly – Understands Y.

About Understanding Y

Twenty-five chapters delve into the inner most workings of the Gen Y – what makes them tick, how to motivate, manage and collaborate with the Millennial Generation, all of which are authored by the multitude of Gen Y thought leaders, business entrepreneurs and social commentators, providing readers with a valuable insight into the Gen Y paradigm.

Understanding Y has been written by an exclusive collection of some of the world’s greatest thought leaders on Gen Y behaviors and by some of the most successful Gen Y’s in existence.

With a new breed of the entrepreneurial, social media savvy “Generation Me”; readers will attain a greater appreciation of the collective psychology of this enigmatic progeny of X’s and Boomers. What do they care about?

How to motivate, lead, inform, educate, integrate and associate with this unparalleled generation of young people, bursting with self-confidence, prepared to take on challenges, used to communicating effectively across multiple channels, with extremely high expectations for their futures – including their careers.

Chris Piper, founder of CPMarketing, was called on as a contributing author to divulge the innermost secrets of what makes Gen Y tick in the workplace, why Gen Y and startups seem to be a match made in heaven and what you can do to not only start your own business today, but to make a $1,000 in profit in the next 24 hours. Chapter 18, Startup Y, does just this and more.

If you are searching to understand the enigma that is Gen Y – this is the book for you. We should know – we wrote it!

Co-author and editor, Charlie Caruso, sits down with Chris Piper to chat startups, entrepreneurship and tech in this “living room chat” podcast.

Pre-Order Understanding Y  on Amazon.


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